Our clinics have been known as the original Pacific Rehabilitation, Pacific Rehab, Pacific Sports Therapy or Pacific Physical Therapy clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area since we were the first to use "Pacific" in our brand name that provided physical therapy in the Bay Area. We have seen patients and have worked with doctors from all over the Greater Bay Area. We have been the premier East Bay physical therapy provider since 1998. We have been constantly recognized as providing the BEST physical therapy in Hayward, providing Hayward physical therapy services for over 20 years. We have been constantly recognized as providing the BEST physical therapy in Alameda, providing Alameda physical therapy services for over 13 years. We have been constantly recognized as providing the BEST physical therapy in Emeryville, providing Emeryville physical therapy services for over 16 years. We will continue to provide outstanding and unmatched physical therapy East Bay services in the future.

If you want the Best, come to Alameda Orthopedic and Sports Therapy. I have been to many and believe me this is the best. You get the best of care. The staff is excellent in every way. They care. And that is important. I swear I’ll never go anywhere else. They are like family. You can’t find anyplace better than this.

C. Lewis

I’ve been going to Alameda Orthopedic & Sports Therapy for the last few months due to a couple of injuries. The entire staff – everyone from reception to the “interns” to the physical therapists themselves – are always helpful, professional and most importantly, compassionate. AJ and Tianna have been especially instrumental in my recovery and I shall always be grateful for their knowledge and patience. Thank you and keep up the great work!!

Sincerely, Sharon H.

I was referred to this office by my orthopedic surgeon, and I’m so grateful that he did. Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation is unique in that all of the staff care about your recovery. I have had physical therapy in the past due to other sports injuries and none of my other experiences even compare to the quality of treatment this facility has provided. My physical therapist Travis is professional and is genuinely invested in each of his patients. When I began my treatment with him I was living in the bay area, but because of a new job opportunity I had to relocate to Sacramento. The interpersonal relationships were just as important to me as the actual recovery of my ankle. So, once a week, I drive an hour and 15 minutes to Emeryville specifically to continue my sessions at this facility instead of going to a new physical therapist in Sacramento. The winning combination of medical treatment and friendly personnel at Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation has made me optimistic about my recovery and it keeps me coming back.

Lauren W.

June 15th, 2012 After suffering a painful peroneal tendon injury in my right foot, my podiatrist has suggested visiting Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation in Emeryville, CA. During my first couple of visits, I dealt with Erica and Azuka as my physical therapists; both were absolutely outstanding in their profession. Not only did they help with the recovery of this injury, they spent the time educating me in the prevention of re-injuring other tendons and muscles for the future. Now about a month and a half from my injury, I feel great and am starting to really get back into my active lifestyle. Thank you to Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation and their terrific staff for returning my life to normal as it should be!!

L. G.

Just got back from a 4-mile run, and I have Pacific to thank for it! After having meniscus surgery, I was a little apprehensive about whether I’d get back to my pre-injury activity level. Plus, it was the end of winter and the crap weather had me a little down, so it would’ve been easy to slack off my rehab and negatively impact my lifestyle. From the start, I could tell I was in good hands. My PT was Erica, and she was a total ace. Although she put me through a battery of strength and mobility tests, I liked how she started her assessment by simply talking to me, asking me about my rehab goals, sports I played, and the frequency/intensity level that my schedule would accommodate. She designed a program that matched my needs. Will, one of the aides, was great in putting me through my paces and correcting my technique. I noticed he would keep an eye on other patients’ work, so when I finished a set and was ready for the next exercise, he’d seamlessly transition me to an available station and eliminated any momentum-killing waits. Erica maintained her professionalism throughout my rehab, and allowed her personality to shine through in a way that made me feel comfortable and enthusiastic about my visits. She quickly figured out I was motivated by challenges, and adjusted my workouts to keep me engaged. In the grand scheme of things, my injury was pretty minor. My goal was to get back to running/biking/basketball, yet there were older patients who had “real” injuries that severely impacted their ability to simply walk or write. Erica was attentive to their more complex needs as well, whether demystifying some of the specifics so it wouldn’t seem so scary, or just listening to those who needed to talk through their frustrations. She was as compassionate and supportive with them as she was fun and goofy with me, and displayed a genuine sweetness about her. Overall, I had a terrific experience w/Pacific and highly recommend it!

Kevin T.

After many previous physical therapy sessions with no favorable results, I moved and found Pacific Physical Therapy. What a difference they have made in the quality of my movement. My therapist is France and she is outstanding in her dedication. The other therapists appear to have the same qualities. They have made me a believer.

Sandra N.

I’ve been coming to Pacific Orthopedic & Sports Rehabilitation after having several shoulder surgeries since 2009. Your staff has helped me immensely through this hard times. They are the best professional staff and provide great service. I really enjoy coming here!!!!!!! My therapist Jacqueline is the best!!!! Thank You Pacific!!!!!!

R. Bowman

This is the second time I have needed physical therapy in the last three years and have visited the Pacific Orthopedic & Sports Rehabilitation facility on Hollis St. in Emeryville on both occasions.

I have to express my appreciation and gratitude for the quality of care I had received not only the first time I had therapy in 2012 but again over the past few months this year. The staff is extremely professional, courteous and caring. They make every effort to ensure that I am comfortable with the coarse of treatment being followed and explain everything being done, what I am doing and needed to do to achieve the best possible outcome in great detail.

   The cooperative and supportive spirit and positive energy demonstrated by the team as they go about their responsibilities is refreshing to see and makes each visit a fun and energizing experience in what otherwise could be a difficult rehabilitative process. It is especially heartening to see the same staff is still there after 3 years and that the therapist I had worked with previously was again my therapist this time around. Erica has been absolutely awesome.

This is a great team that works well together with their primary focus on the patient and the patients’ needs. The camaraderie, willingness to help each other and obvious knowledge of the human body instills a sense of confidence that I am in good hands and will have a very successful and positive outcome. I have highly recommended this facility to my family and friends as the place to go if they ever need therapy.

It has been a great experience and I feel they all should be properly acknowledged for the great job that they do every day!

Sincerest Regards

E. W.